On rainy days I keep my dreams

tucked safe beneath my bed.

They’re in a bag with worn out seams

and burlap sack and thread.


For one day soon the sun will shine,

And when its rays peek through,

That little burlap bag of mine

will come out shining too





A Duet?

The world is a scary place,

I’m just not ready yet.

So hold me close in warm embrace,

to sing a sweet duet.


I’ll follow your fast rhythm, dear,

And if you follow mine,

We’ll sing for only us to hear,

A harmony divine.


But if the notes we sing together,

Are better sung apart,

We can go our separate ways,

And I’ll take back my heart.

Lavender Petals

A pirouette on pointed toeses

My mom and I would play a game

To catch petals on our noses

We’d spin and twirl and shout our names

A pirouette on pointed toeses


The petals were soft lavender

That caught the light so fairly

They’d float onwards, cavalier,

And lift our spirits merrily


The petals would slip and slide

Down slanted chins and faces

Stumbling around, we’d collide

And end in warm embraces.